You might have to restructure your blogging success strategies after you read this blog post of mine.


A 2017 Wired article points out that an AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to create insightful and explanatory stories for the readers.

Few things I got to know are –


AI can generate news articles faster and tap small to a large number of audience across various platforms.



These automated content generating softwares, otherwise known as content bots, are going through several stages of developments.



Every year they will advance and perform labor intensive writing jobs better than journalists and writers.


And we do not know how advance they will get with time.


In such scenario, if your passion and profession are in the niche of blogging and publishing, it’s time that you re-design your blogging strategy and go that extra mile for value addition.


This reminds me of a movie named “Ghost in the Shell’.


The Movie Plot


The science fiction was based on future generation advanced machines and robotics.

Major, the leading character of the movie, is almost a robot, but still very different.

She is a successful integration of machine body and a human brain. The only one of her kind.

Others are instruction obeying advanced machines that have no self-conscious, mind or thoughts.

But Major has a soul (ghost) alive in the body. She can think and feel emotions like humans.

She didn’t lose her humanity.

And that helps her make a big difference to the world she lives in.


What ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Has to Do With Your Blogging Success?


When watching the movie, my mind started thinking about the tons of lifeless blog posts on the internet.


Those blog posts have no soul as if someone wrote them just to oblige to a pre specified duty. They will never touch a heart, inspire, add value or help someone take action.


Many of these blog posts are lifeless machines which do only one job – provide information.

Remember, AI can do that job faster and better than you.


On the other hand, some blog posts are like ‘Major.’


These blog posts feel alive.


They make me think.


I read them for knowledge, inspiration, creativity, critical thoughts, decisions and to know the writer’s personal experiences.


I bookmark those websites. I add the articles or posts to my reading list for future reference.


So I want you to understand how these two types of blog posts impact the audience mind, behavior and action.


After all, your blog posts’ popularity among target audience will determine your blogging success, isn’t it?


Difference Between a ‘Machine’ and ‘Major’ Like Blog Post


The lifeless ‘Machine’ like content will never be able to create an emotional bond with the readers, otherwise known as website traffic or viewers.

As for now, ‘Machine type’ content will be just for quick news updates and information.

If your blog posts also serve the same purpose, believe me, you’ve lost to AI already.

Make your blog posts like ‘Major’. Put your soul in them.

Write in-depth analytical posts that are not for quick updates but an incredible reading experience and learning for the audience.


For Blogging Success, Learn Blog Personalization Strategies

Read What Mark Schaefer Has to Say

Mark Schaefer is a world renowned marketing thought leader who I follow for his extraordinary marketing insights and thought-provoking content.

He points out four strategies to survive content bot revolution.


Personal branding and emotional connection

Deep insights


Create counter-revolution with content personalization


Idea 1: Information everybody can provide. What others or a machine can’t do is creating a very personal style. Can you put together your voice, business and life experience, information, analysis, and create a great blog post?


Idea 2: Create deep analytical posts with your business experience and expertise.


Idea 3: Make the audience laugh if you can. By that I mean, add your sense of humor wherever you can. I’m not very good at it. So I’m not trying. 🙂


Idea 4: Be human and write like a human. Take advantage of the situation when people will get bored of content bots and would shift to a bot free zone.


My Point

[bctt tweet=”Blogging is not a compulsion. It’s a form of expression. ” username=”SilkiGuha”]

Do not make the blog posts so robotic. Do not make them part of a regular content marketing plan.

Give them life.

Add a ghost to your post shell for blogging success.

So, what do you think? Can you make the blog posts like ‘Major’?