Yesterday morning after having breakfast, I started checking Twitter.


And instantly I was super thrilled to read the first post coming from Content Marketing Institute.

Although the post is about explaining content marketing to anyone, the content is super informative to me because of the nature of examples it provides.



It shows that carefully designed content marketing efforts can do an excellent job when it comes to building loyal consumers for business or brand.


Let’s see.

Grow Loyal Fans and Sales By Becoming Consumers’ Best Friend


Michele Linn explains that content marketing is never about business promotion.

It is a well thought-out process that helps audience out with specific things they care.


The process has to be so helpful that the target audience begins to trust and find no option except falling in love with your business.

Gradually, they become your loyal customers.

Many businesses do content marketing right. And River Pools and Spas is one of them.


Building and Growing Loyal Business Fans – A Pool Company’s Success Story


A fiberglass pool company had a hard time selling their product when the market crashed in 2008.

Despite their excellent product variety, quality and nice showrooms, their business was not generating revenue.

So they decided to change their marketing approach.

They figured out their business strength.

Instead of positioning their business as the best fiberglass pool installer, they said that they could teach anything in the world about a fiberglass pool.

What did they do?

They started blogging. With the help of blogging, the company answered specific questions of the customers.

One of their web pages said – “Welcome to the Most Educational Blog in the Country.”

They published blog posts on subjects like costs of swimming pools.

They made FAQ videos for the beginning shoppers.

Source:  Content Marketing Institute YouTube Channel 


 The Result?


The helpful blog posts and videos became the key drivers to sales growth.

Their consistent content marketing efforts, which were primarily blogging and creating videos, turned their business into a national brand.


What Exactly Did They Do Differently?


The pool company’s content marketing approach was not very common in that business segment.

They addressed many product questions from the customers that most pool companies were not willing to attend.

Their unconventional content marketing approach was very helpful for the target audience. As a result, the company earned their trust and became a famous national name.




Remember my last post? It was about defining brand identity through your core intentions.

To earn consumers’ trust and build loyal business fans, you have to create a positive business image in their mind.

So what do you do? You set your intentions right.

Sounds silly? It is not.

Your business won’t get close to prospective customers’ heart and mind if you don’t turn its image of a profit making venture into a problem-solving brand that is always on their side.

The fiberglass Pool company created an excellent brand identity in target audiences’ mind through content marketing. Their blog posts and videos were visible to the consumers who had concerns, doubts, queries regarding fiberglass pool and needed help.

Their business positioning was strong and unique.

Therefore, unless your product is revolutionary, or you have an unlimited budget to spend on traditional marketing, think twice before you ignore the importance of content marketing and building a sustainable business positioning plan.

Do you agree with me?

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