Another tips and tricks B2B marketing blog? Gosh!

If I type “Social Media Marketing” in Google, I will get at least 30+ how-to, tips and growth hacks posts straight away.



Yes, I follow some of these blogs. And many of them I do not know or trust.

But the B2B marketing blogs I know are credible sources.

Besides them, it is hard for me to trust data and numbers coming from any other places.

Please do not start another tips and tricks B2B Blog. Why? Here are the reasons……..


1. Enough of How-to B2B Marketing. I Need Help With Validation of Ideas


I go to sites like Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, Neil Patel’s Blog, Buffer Blog, etc. to get latest marketing stats and advises.

These blogs are the bomb when it comes to sharing marketing facts and how-to content. I trust their numbers.

Why on earth would I go somewhere else for marketing data, facts or stats?

Instead, what I need are new ideas. I want productive discussions around business possibilities.

When starting a new small business, most of us struggle with validation of ideas.

Will this business model work? Will that work? What if this marketing strategy fails?

So many uncertainties. There is self-doubt.

Can your blog help me with these?


  • Can you share some facts to help me validate my business idea?

  • How do I turn my passion into a business?

  • I want to sell a beauty product. How do I identify my target market?

  • Who would show interest in my new product or service?

  • Can you help me understand my target market?

  • What type of skills and expertise can help me start an online business?


I can give you dozens of interesting blog niche right now.

To know people’s struggle with starting a new online business, I did Google research.

I typed “challenges to starting a new online business, ” and it gave me this result.



Wow! These many google searches.

It shows so many people struggle when building a new business.

Why not start a blog that shares detailed info about a country’s economy and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Or, write posts that provide info about how to build the foundation of a small business. At least that’s better than a typical b2b marketing blog.


2. Thanks For The Tips. But Can You Help Me With Strategies?


We do not need marketing tips and advises only. We need strategies to include and use those tips.

Entrepreneurship is uncertain. This is why entrepreneurship demands high risk taking capacity.

But, can your blog help me reduce some of my business risks and uncertainties?

For example,


  • Can your blog post direct me to proven audience building strategies?

  • Could your blog teach me a product reputation building strategy?

  • Could your posts direct me to some product positioning strategy?

  • If I have a product idea, can you help me develop a product test strategy to understand if it will sell?


3. I Need Guidance. Do You Publish Case Studies?


Would not it be great to learn from real stories, failures, and success? Do you care to share some case studies?

You do not have to share a successful strategy or advice always. I can learn from mistakes and failure stories as well.

So show me some stuff that shares some valuable lessons.

Do you see this post?




It shares 15 valuable lessons. These sorts of blog posts offer immense help with a product launch.





Ideally, I do not need a massive volume of data unless I have a dedicated marketing and analytics team waiting to work on them.

Concentrate on helping people with one particular aspect. It could be any business or personal development issue.

But try to position your blog a bit different way than the average crowd.

I am tired of seeing tips and tricks type b2b marketing blog posts. So I had to write this today.  🙂