Sales funnel? Yes, I hear a lot about it. I thought I should explore the funnel concept from scratch. I intend to explore its efficiency.

I got to know that a funnel can help you generate and convert sales leads through a systematic and step by step approach.



This blog post summarizes few of my findings.


It’s true that to sell a digital product from your new website; you need a well-structured process.

The volume of traffic coming to your site has nothing to do with improving the number of sales. It’s the quality of traffic that matters.

So you should ask yourself these questions –


  • Am I drawing the right audience segment to my website?

  • Do I understand what my website visitors want?

  • What should I do to create awareness and demand for my digital product?

  • How do I create a right communication channel?

  • How do I help my target audience evaluate my product?

  • How do I convert my visitors to customers?


It feels rational that a marketing and sales funnel can –


attract targeted traffic

build trust in your product

create conversation path

help visitors evaluate your product

assist the potential leads to make an informed buying decision

make first-time buyers your repeat customers


How? Let’s see.


What is a Marketing and Sales Funnel? What It Has to Do With Your Product and Sale?


A marketer develops a funnel to win target audience for a product and converts them into buyers.

Remember, everyone coming to your website will not buy your product.



But I am sure you want that people, who visit your site, like your product, and buy it.

So the primary job of a marketing and sales funnel is to make this happen.

When you build a marketing funnel for a digital product, you design a lead conversion process.

The funnel helps you understand who is your target audience. The content strategy attracts the target audience segment to your website.

Then you introduce your digital product to them and gradually make them your customers.

The infographic below shows a funnel.



You develop an organized sales process with the help of these three funnel stages. If you manage these steps efficiently, the rate of lead conversion will increase.

More people visiting your website will be interested in your product and buy it.


How Does a Marketing and Sales Funnel Work In Favor of Lead Conversion?


A sales and marketing funnel has three stages.

Each stage has individual goals. You take actions to meet the goal and expect some results.




If the results from any of the funnel stage do not turn out as they should, you have to find out the reasons.

For example, if lots of visitors are coming to your site, but not subscribing to your email, or buying your product, what could be the reasons? Why is the conversion rate so low?

You have to find out the cause of the poor conversion rate.

You will have to adjust your funnel and content strategies based on your findings.

When you figure out the flaws in the process and address them with appropriate moderations, lead conversion rate accelerates.


Do You Need to Buy a Marketing and Sales Funnel For Best Lead Conversion Results?


Why do you need to buy a marketing funnel when you can create a basic one on your own in the beginning?

I would say you do not need to buy one or invest in any funnel in the starting phase.

First, understand your audience. Build your funnel. Then establish a conversation flow with your audience.

Test your process. Take some lessons from your mistakes. Educate yourself about the marketing funnel strategies.

Then hire someone to build a sales and marketing funnel for you. That way you can question the funnel development agency for any decision they take.

As you understand a sales funnel, you should be able to build one together with the professional.


Can Marketing and Sales Funnel Help You Kickstart Sale of Digital Product From a New Website?


If you want to capture potential leads and maximize conversion, you have to optimize the funnel with well-planned content creation and distribution strategies.

Let’s take one stage of the funnel at a time and see what you can do for marketing and sales success.


Step 1. Optimize Top of Funnel (Exposure Stage) to Receive Targeted Traffic



You have to make sure you attract most visitors from the crowd who are talking about a similar problem.

If you draw the right audience group to the top of the funnel, you will be able to drive most of them to the middle and bottom of the funnel.

That means you will have an excellent rate of lead conversion.

To optimize top of funnel


1. Find out what type of content your target audience want to follow



Blog posts



2. Publish helpful blog posts on your blog.

3. Select 50 Best Blogs in your niche and try for guest blogging.

4. Share your content on social media.

5. Write for other social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. You can hire a public relation expert. He/she can feature your product or success story to a great magazine. (but for this you have to be sure your product is outstanding, and it already has proven benefits).

7. Learn video marketing strategies. Do not spend money on an ad yet.

8. Please do not forget slide share for awareness and exposure.


Step 2. Optimize Middle of Sales Funnel Content (Consideration Stage) 


At this level, your website visitors will get to know your product.

Do not make your visitors feel that you’re pushing your product. Keep your content helpful and insightful.

If you have visitor’s email already, this will be your best chance to understand your audience.

When my visitors trust me and hand over their email to me, I have to respect that.

If I were you, I would make deliberate efforts to email them exclusive content. Those content won’t be available on my blog.

I will send them to my private Facebook group where I will make direct conversation with them.

Believe me; the market is over-crowded with solutions to problems. If you want to win, you have to customize your offers for the middle of the funnel visitors.


Step 3. Optimize Bottom of Funnel (Conversion Stage) To Improve Sales


At this stage, the sales happen.

Do not think that people, who will be giving you their email, will buy products from you. But, your success rate will depend on top and middle of the funnel.

To optimize bottom of a sales funnel, customize product offers. Test them. Track results.

Design a fantastic after sale service and offer them with your product in the bottom of the funnel.

Is not it easy to understand that most of us love personalized care and attention?

So why not give that to your product buyers?

You have to explain your potential leads why your product is better than competitors.




You need a marketing and sales funnel because you need a concrete and organized sales process for your new digital product.

The funnel will help you manage, evaluate and improvise the branding and sales strategies.

You can not expect to get famous overnight. You have to plan your product promotion and positioning strategy and constantly test them over a stipulated time frame.

In a well-developed sales funnel, you have your goals and targets defined. If one strategy fails, you develop another one.

Will not it be easy if you have the steps and strategies defined?

What do you think?

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