This time LinkedIn publishing became my subject of analysis.


I am tempted to know if I can promote my business on LinkedIn cost effective ways. Let’s say; I do not wish to spend money on a LinkedIn ad at this moment.


So, what LinkedIn can do for my business in that case?


I read latest statistics and updates that indicate LinkedIn now has half a billion users.



Source: The Power of LinkedIn’s 500 Million Member Community


Two other sources published stats on LinkedIn’s steady user base growth over the years.





If this is how numbers of LinkedIn’s users are growing, I will be curious to know –


Can LinkedIn publishing platform help my business get exposure to their large community? Can this social media platform help me generate leads and sales?


I looked for answers and came across few inspiring success stories and case studies. Here they are –


Can LinkedIn Publishing Platform Help a Business Get Exposure, Generate Leads or Sales? [Case Study + Real Story ]


[200 Subscribers From One Article]



Source: How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article


Content Marketing Institute published an article based on Rachel Foster’s success with LinedIn publishing.


If you didn’t know, the LinkedIn publisher is free and open to everyone.


So back to story, Rachel Foster generated 200 new subscribers to her website from one LinkedIn article.


One of her articles that she published on LinkedIn got featured in LinkedIn Pulse.





Her website and business got extensive exposure soon after that. That article received 3,900 views and managed 200 new subscribers.


Of course, it took her two months to get there. It took her little time to understand what works for LinkedIn’s readers and what does not.


So this example asserts the fact that new businesses can use LinkedIn’s free publishing platform to get good business visibility and generate leads without spending a penny.


[30 Days Successful LinkedIn Publishing Experiment]





Greg Ciotti, the former content marketing manager at Help Scout, did a 30 days test to see how effective LinkedIn’s publishing platform was for their business.


So he wrote articles targeting professionals who read industry insights. He tried to write about different subjects.


Additionally, he knew how to make a post engaging to read and interesting. Two of his articles got featured on LinkedIn channels.


He had immense success regarding an increase in profile views, traffic back to their website and business exposure.





You can read the case study here


How Did Craig Jamieson Succeed With LinkedIn Publishing?





Craig breathes and lives sales. He was not very fond of writing before as he used to struggle with topic ideas and content. But when he saw the response on one of his published articles on LinkedIn, he thought it was the best thing he ever did.


His post which hardly got any engagement on his website outperformed in LinkedIn.


It gave him an excellent career boost. His profile view increased and profile ranked in top 1% in the group of related niche professionals.


Request for connection quadrupled. And people reached out to him for service.


These are not the only real stories of business visibility success on LinkedIn. Many people out there are doing great with LinkedIn publishing platform.




Source: Why I Publish on LinkedIn




The challenge is doing some effective marketing with LinkedIn without spending big bucks.


The facts, case studies, and stories mentioned in this article conclude that you can do effective marketing for your business or service with LinkedIn publishing. You do not need to spend on ads in the beginning.


Your Turn Now


Did you try LinkedIn’s publishing platform already? If you did not try yet, learn few strategies and give it a try once.

If yes, how was the experience? Please comment, share some tips and advice here for our readers.