You can call me a critique, but I like to question the prospects of different online communication and marketing tools. That is because I love to evaluate their pros and cons.

So when they showered me with endless advises and thoughts around why I should not blog or start a blog in 2017, I decided to do some research.

I tried to follow the world’s greatest and most successful bloggers, content marketers and listen to what they have to say.

This blog post represents key findings, incredible examples, and recommendations from some of the great minds.

Four key aspects discussed in this article are –



How Authentic is This Piece of Content?


I have analyzed industry reports and blog posts of industry experts. Most of these resources come from reputed blogs or world renowned digital marketers.

I have mentioned the information sources. You can visit the links for in-depth details.

So let’s start.

Section 1 

2 Reasons Why Don’t I Believe That Blogs Have No Future


#Reason 1


Many people are saying don’t start a blog in 2017.

Why? That’s because they believe the era of blogging and its benefits have reached the point of extinction.

They say – no one reads blogs anymore.

But I don’t believe so. Why? Here are my reasons:


Can you direct me to one alternative to blogging which can provide me all of these benefits?


#Reason 2


2017 ConvertKit Study Shows State of the Blogging Industry


Source: 2017 ConvertKit Study.

I also studied the latest ConvertKit report on the state of blogging industry. Here are few things I found interesting –

This report is excellent.

850+ bloggers participated in the survey.

The researchers divided the respondents into seven groups.

  • All respondents
  • Female bloggers
  • Male bloggers
  • Professional bloggers
  • Not yet professional bloggers
  • Bloggers with children
  • Bloggers with no children

Below are some of the questions they asked the bloggers and the response they received.


1. What Motivates a Person to Start a Blog?


Ans. The survey result showed that the number one reason to start a blog is to become self-employed.

2. How Do These Bloggers Treat Their Blog?


Ans. The answers varied in different groups of respondents. Professional bloggers always treat their blogs as a full-time job.


3. How Much Revenue Bloggers Make From Their Blogs?


Ans. Of course, professional bloggers made the highest amount of profit in comparison to other groups.


4. What Revenue Goal These Bloggers Set for Next 12 Months?



So you see, there is no reason to think that the blogging industry has no future. It depends on your objective.

People have their reasons to start a blog. And if you’re passionate about it, you have to find out ways to make it a successful career.


Section 2 


Should You Use Blog As an Important Content Marketing Tool in 2017?


What Do Content Marketing Experts Have to Say?

Jodi Harris

Source: Content Marketing Institute..

Jodi Harris published a post on January 2017 where she mentioned that 80 percent of B2B marketers and 75% of B2C marketers are planning to include blogs into their content marketing tactics.

That’s a significant percentage of marketers who take the potential of blogging seriously. Isn’t it?

The Generational Content Gap Study


BuzzStream and Fractal conducted a joint study to find out how different generations consume digital content.

They discovered that Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers identify blog articles as the most convincing type of digital content they consume.



So yes, you will find lots of people who would like to read your blog posts.

Mark Schaefer


Mark believes that written content will always be essential. And many people prefer to read written content over everything else to absorb information.

He especially encourages writing long-form content for blogs. You can repurpose a long length content multiple ways.

But yes, I do agree that now I have to be smart and strategic regarding promoting my blog. I have to take my blog in front of the right type of target audience.

In 2017, there has to be a perfect integration of blogging and blog promotion.

The section below highlights experts’ opinion on blogging evolution.


Section 3


How Should Blogging Evolve in 2017? 


You Lose If You Miss These Game Changing Advises


Mark Schaefer


I love to read Mark Schaefer’s blog posts. He writes with excellent concept clarity and simplicity.

So, Mark Schaefer thinks that blogging is going to stay here for long. It is not dead. However, he believes that the effectiveness of blog or blogging as an inbound marketing tool has reduced.

That is because people have also started liking and consuming other forms of content like audio and video nowadays.

Also, different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn want you to write and publish on their platforms. They are reluctant to send links or traffic back to your site. That’s because they want to increase the dwell time of their sites.

So what bloggers should do in that case?

Mark Schaefer believes that blogging should also evolve. Besides writing and publishing excellent content, bloggers now have to focus on distribution model.

As the blogging industry has become highly competitive, you have to develop and test multiple content promotion and distribution strategies to take your content to the target readers.

Jodi Harris

Source: Content Marketing Institute.

In her post, Jodi Harris mentioned that it’s time that bloggers should recognize the importance of writing authentic, extensively researched, and factually correct valuable content.

Yes, it’s true. Too many bloggers are out there. It is tough to decide who to follow. Who should I listen?

As I have been studying the industry for very long now, I now know the best professionals in the blogging industry. I have been able to choose my favorite experts now.

So I 100 percent agree with what Jodi Harris has to say here.

As a blogger, you have to focus on building trust, provide authentic and valuable content and work hard.

Yaro Stark

He is another expert I follow in the blogging industry.

He recently wrote a post about the changing trend of the blogging industry and how bloggers should evolve to stand out.

In that post, he mentioned that bloggers now have to be an excellent storyteller, write high-quality posts, work on distribution, focus on building loyal followers and become conversion expert.


So basically the job of blogging is not restricted to writing only. You also have to evolve as an excellent marketer to take the content to the target audience and help them know you better.

Make sense?


Section 4


How Competitive Is Blogging As an Audience Building and Engagement Tool?


I was surprised when I found out Robbie Richard’s website.

He has a blog with a very limited number of posts. But his posts has got fantastic engagement and a huge number of social media shares.

He does not write too often. I saw he writes about 2-3 blog posts per month.

But he writes high quality, well researched, helpful and actionable case studies that make the readers fall in love with his content.

See how one of his posts made people crazily share it on social media.


Source:Robbie Richard’s Blog.


Source:Robbie Richard’s Blog.


There are too many sites that post same old and boring short length content with no in-depth insights or research.

I like to read step by step actionable posts that address a specific goal or concern of the reader.

I love to read Copyhackers posts.

This Copyhackers post is very long. It’s a 20 min read post.


But see the level of engagement. Although the post is one year old, I want you to see how many people left comments on the post and shared it on social media.

The post is very thorough and helps readers understand the subject in depth.

So yes, I believe that high-quality blog posts do an outstanding job when it comes to building an audience and creating engagement.




Should You Start Blogging in 2017?

Here is what I think –

I think as a blogger your accountability to your followers will increase in 2017. You have to take responsibility for the information you share or the things you teach on your blog.

You also have to amend your blogging and content marketing strategies according to evolving technologies, audience preferences and trend changes.

If you can do blogging that seriously, your audience will recognize your efforts. They will acknowledge your contribution and love your work.

Your Turn Now.

What’s your opinion about future potentials of blogging? How do you think blogging should evolve?