Mark Zuckerberg officially launched Live Stream On April 6th, 2016.

The Facebook feature lets users share live videos with anyone, anytime.

So celebrities, publishing companies, athletes, and astronauts from different parts of the world are using this app to broadcast live videos to their fans, followers, and viewers.

It works for them.

But, will it work for you? Let’s find out.

The Idea of Live Streaming

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the idea is to help Facebook users create and share more personalized, authentic, raw and interactive videos with a community and audience.

Watch Zuckerberg’s Live Video to know how Live Stream can help billions of Facebook users worldwide..

Live videos are excellent. However, it is especially beneficial for millions of creative professionals, artists, musicians, comedians, dancers, performers and brands who have amazing creations, shows and stories to share with their audience.

Thousands of brands and marketers are trying Live Videos every month.

How Companies Are Using Live Videos? 

Social bakers did an experiment to find out how brands and other companies are using live videos. Here are some facts.


  • Company Facebook pages now post six times more live videos than before.
  • Media publishers are posting live videos 18 times more than the top companies. 


Tastemade is a digital food and travel publisher. Increasing the number of live video posts was also part of their brand awareness plan.

For example, they planned to do 100 Facebook live videos every month.

Amazing stuff!

So before you also head start with this free broadcasting trend, make sure you thoroughly investigate its relevance and significance for the growth of your business.

I have tried to adopt an unbiased approach and put together six critical aspects of Facebook live stream. The section below will help you develop analytical perspectives of Facebook Live and its usability for your business.

6 Facts Budding Solopreneurs Must Know About Facebook Live Stream

1. It’s Not a Sales Generating Tool

Are you thinking of posting Live videos on your Facebook fan page to gain business leads and followers quickly?

If you do not know it already, organic reach for Facebook fan pages has declined significantly.


  • In 2012, Facebook cut down organic reach of fan pages by 16 percent.  
  • Brands saw dramatic fall in organic reach for business pages in 2016.

So, do not expect that Live videos will give your business massive exposure overnight. It will not increase your leads and followers too fast.

You got it entirely wrong if you thought that.

Facebook Live Streaming is an interactive platform. As Mark Zuckerberg says, live-streaming is a more personalized approach to connecting with the target audience.

So you can use Live-streaming to build your audience over time. But first of all, you have to learn to create engaging videos for the audience.

Research more about why a content and its length matters so much for FB Live videos. Try to find out which type of Facebook Live-stream in your industry gets the most likes and shares from the target audience.

2. It’s a Platform Different to YouTube, But Helpful

When you do a Live video on Facebook, viewers can comment on your video. YouTube does not allow that.

So when you see the comments and respond back to the audience, the process creates engagement. The flexibility of instant two-way communication makes Facebook Live videos popular than YouTube in brand followers.

However, the rate of engagement will depend on how many followers, fans or target audience are active during the time of your broadcast.

Newswhip compared a Facebook Live video’s audience participation intensity with an ABC article and Tasty Native Live-video.

The survey showed that Facebook Live was a clear winner.

So, if you are trying to build an audience for your new business over a period of time, Facebook Live can help.

3. Meaningless Without Creative Engagement Strategies

I do not like to see flat, boring talk on a Live video.

What would I expect from a live Facebook video?


  • I would like to know about a product launch or offer announcement by my favorite brand.
  • Some product reviews.
  • Live events.
  • A funny or entertaining show. 
  • How-to videos, etc.

Any live video that does not have a solid product or an engaging content around it is tedious to watch.

Some companies know how to do it right.

Barkbox is pet goods selling e-commerce company. They live-stream videos from their fan page to help homeless dogs and puppies get adopted.

They introduce the shelters to their Facebook followers and facilitate the process. The initiative creates an emotional bonding between the company and its followers.

So it is not only about going live and making a video of your business, product or service. You have to show the audience that you have some compelling reasons to do the video.

Therefore, if you are trying to build followers through Facebook Live videos, learn to create engaging videos. Find out some creative ideas to integrate into the process.

Yahoo shared a very informative report about how you can tune into the world of Live Video.

The report shares great insights like:

  • What type of content you should create for live Facebook videos. 
  • Scope and opportunities in live-streaming.  
  • Content that help to drive engagement.
  • The reasons people like live streaming. etc.

Put simply, you will need to implement creative ideas. Find out fun ways to connect with your audience via Facebook Live.

4. Frequent Broadcasting Does not Equate to Increasing Results 

Get over the idea that if you show up more, you will have more followers. Going live too often is not required. You must have compelling video content.

So if you have nothing helpful or informative to talk about, do not do live videos. Remember, Facebook might restrict your video reach based on how your videos perform or produce engagement.

5. Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Impact

Before you start with Live stream, learn a bit about Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

According to TechCrunch, goal of Facebook is to show more recent and engaging stories in the News Feed.

As I always emphasize on improving quality and effectiveness of content shared live on social media, Facebook also prioritizes the same.

If you can’t make Facebook users click, like or share your video, it will gradually lose the battle.

6. Truth of Trend Saturation Still Applies

The world of Live-streaming is very new. The freedom of broadcasting from anywhere excites social media users.

Another good news is that Live videos have high organic reach at present.

However, as brands and marketers are pushing more and more live videos on Facebook News Feed every day, you will see mostly native and live videos on this platform after a while.

You will see hundreds of live videos in your news feed. Will the excitement be same at that time?

The trend of Live videos will reach a saturation level. Besides, Facebook News Feed will get more and more cluttered every day.

Getting your video in front of the right audience will be more difficult.


Do not rely on Facebook Live-streaming entirely. Facebook Live should be part of a well-drafted marketing strategy.

I believe it’s best to use the Facebook feature if you have an appealing announcement to share. Or you want to share some key industry insights.

What do you think?

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