Perhaps, Facebook got it clear that videos are going to be one of the most engaging types of content on social media.

So they quickly found out a way to use the opportunity and launched Facebook Live.

Stats & Facts: Picture Shows The Widespread Use of Videos Online


What is Facebook Live?

This Facebook new launch allows users broadcast to their followers, friends and families in real-time.

Yes, you can use this feature if you have a smartphone or tablet. This feature is not available for desktops yet. That’s a shame!

So when you go live using Facebook Live on your phone, your friends and family instantly get a notification and can see you and interact with you right at that moment.

It’s a fantastic feature to stay in touch with your loved ones.

You log into Facebook. Go to the section that says “What’s on your mind.” Tap and find the icon “Live Video.”

Next, you have to do some editing (optional) to write a description and set the privacy of the live video. Once you do that, tap “Go Live.” BOOM!

Do not worry. I will tell you how to use this helpful Facebook feature in detail.

Now, the question that comes to my mind is who can use live video apart from individual users?

Who Can Stream Live Videos on Facebook?

Any Facebook user can stream live videos anytime anywhere. But, this feature is especially very helpful for businesses.

Small, medium or large businesses can use FB Live to build a strong connection with their followers. That’s because FB Live Video provides a platform for live interaction between a business and its fans.

The live interaction helps the audience understand the business and the people managing the wheel.

For example, if you are selling me a $200 product online, I won’t spend a penny without knowing the product or your background. I need to know if I can trust you and your business at all.

So, here are some examples.

Facebook Live Video Users: Example I

News broadcasters.

Yes, if you did not know, New York Times and BBC News are using Live Video to offer more personal and interactive experiences to their followers.

One popular format is letting reporters broadcast an event, share their opinion and answer questions to the viewers. See the screenshot below. Follow the link to see how they used FB Live broadcasts.

It’s obviously a very popular interactive platform as followers can express their opinion and ask questions to the video broadcaster instantly at that moment.

Facebook Live Video Users: Example II

Affiliate marketers.

For example, if you are an affiliate marketer, and you are promoting a product on your website, you can do a Live Video showing how the product works, or what are the product’s pros and cons.

That way you can also address viewers’ queries and curiosities regarding the product instantly. It is a mean to improve business transparency.

Facebook Live Video Users: Example III

Let’s say you are in the food and beverage industry. You are a chef. You write cookbooks, or you have your restaurant.

You can broadcast a short cooking tip video using FB Live. You can answer the questions of your viewers at the same time.

There are hundreds of other ways to use FB Live for your business.

Simply put, it can help any business connect with its audience, create engagement, build trust and increase followers. Live Streaming can help you provide a more humanize experience to your target audience.

Your target audience deserves that.

So, did you like this article? What else would you like to know about FB Live Video? I did my research and will share everything about using FB Live Video for business.

Is there anything especially you would like to know about FB Live? Do you want to share some insights? I would love to hear from you.