Today I learned excellent reader engagement methodologies that can help to build trust and connect with the readers. So I thought I should share with you.

If you are working hard to write high quality content for the target audience just to know that it is doing no good, this post can provide some helpful insights.

Earlier I wrote about Neil Patel’s content strategy for customer engagement

The post is all about using effective methods to emotionally engage the readers and encourage blog commenting.

How do you know a blog post is doing good? Obviously, when people read it, share it and start commenting actively, you know that your hard work is paying off. But, experts say that it does not happen without some efforts.

Thousands of bloggers are out there. How do you ensure that your target audience will like your content over others?

According to marketing experts, to build trust and connect with the readers, you have to understand your target audience’s pain, and do everything you can to help them. Is your blog post doing that?

Let’s see if you are doing this right.

This You Know Already…….


Creating insightful content is must for reader engagement. Lots of research and brainstorming will be needed for that. So, instead of frequent publishing, high quality publishing should be your first goal.

I love Ramsay. Ramsay is an amazing blogger. His blog posts effectively engage the readers. Most of his posts can be seen with more than 50 comments. Ramsay says that all new bloggers need to do competition analysis to standout in this overcrowded industry.

So before you start writing, give more importance to the quality of information you are providing.

I will assume you know that already.

So here are five other important things you should do when you create blog post for the target audience:

1. Learn From Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is not a new approach. As a marketer, I am supposed to understand what my target audience would like, why they will like and what they will not like.

Neuromarketers study consumer’s pain point. For example, it can teach you how human brain prefers to absorb information. Experts from neuromarketing says that adverts or content that use facial expressions get more response from target audience.

Why so? That’s because a human brain finds it easy to use facial expressions when it has to interpret the intention of a message. Therefore, with the help of neuromarketing, you will be able to figure out how to make your content more engaging for your followers.

I will tell you more about neuromarketing and the various research around it in another post.

2. Conversational Writing Wins

You have to write in a way that sounds more like a dialogue.

One way to do that is making the content more personal. Talk about your own experiences in the content. For example, I can say that my conversational writing is not so good. I am learning more about it.

But, if I have to standout among millions of self hosted bloggers, I know I have to learn it fast.

3. Embrace Influencer Marketing

Learn what your target audiences follow when they take a purchase decision.

Recent digital marketing stats from Econsultancy shows that 68 percent customers prefer to trust reviews and opinions shared online.

So if you can prove your point with data available, it will have much more influence on your target audience. What I mean by this is that try to bring lots of data, include opinions and reviews in your post. Support your content with enough evidence.

This will create better reader engagement and encourage comments.

4. Do Not Only Write, But Become More Approachable

I like Neil Patel’s recommendation regarding this reader engagement methodology.

According to him, even the color of your website can be an indication of your friendliness.

I am not joking. Read this post and decide which color to use for your blog. For example, yellow is considered to be the sign of happiness, according to color spectrum.

So try to use psychology of color in your overall blogging approach. See how it influences reader engagement and conversion.

5. Authenticity and Transparency

Readers will love you eventually for your authenticity. If you provide a valuable piece of content, readers will sense that.

So if you are making some claims, try to support it with authentic proof and evidences. What if someone tries to influence you with fake claims? Will you like it?

The same psychology applies here.

Yes, if you are new to online marketing, you will take a bit of time to understand what works for reader engagement. But, if you really want to grow your blog, you will learn fast. Passion is that much powerful.

Hope this post helps you.

I would love to know what you are doing to increase reader engagement for your blog post. Would you like to share your success story?