He inspires us with intrepid challenges, like making $332, 640 in less than 4 months from social media.. Then he fearlessly wins. One of the few names in the digital marketing sphere that I will never dare to forget is ‘Neil Patel’. This article represents his 7 proven content strategies that can dramatically increase your customer engagement.

Neil Patel’s consistent success with content marketing and social accomplishments always amaze me. In addition, I believe he is an outstanding educationist. Pick any of his content and see the hard work he puts into it.

So we will discuss what 7 elements you need for creating successful customer engagement.

What Do You Need for Better Customer Engagement?

You are in the online marketing space. So you need lots of great content. But, content without value will put a brand’s existence at stake. We are aware of increasing content abundance on the internet.

So when we create a blog post or article, we have to remember that this is the age of pure information, practical examples, social proof and facts. This post explains how you can build a following of brand loyal customers with the right type of content development strategy.

Here are some of great advises from my favorite digital marketing expert.

1. Create Content that Build Trust

According to Neil Patel, what can keep you apart from millions of people sharing same information and talking about the same thing is your content. Your content should be able to build trust.

We know it takes time to build a relationship and gain trust of the target audience. But audience can easily identify the real efforts and value included in a piece of work.

Also, consistency is important. You can not stop creating great content if one of your posts goes viral. You have to continue to entertain, amaze, educate your target audience for better customer engagement and building trust.

2. Include Trigger Words in Your Content

Statistically, almost 40 per cent content marketers struggle with creating engaging content.

Sometimes, it’s the lack of understanding of customers’ real problems that makes the content ineffective.

So when you create your content next time, ask yourself these 6 open ended questions:

# What my customers are worried about?

# How is the competition in my niche?

# Does the target audience trust my voice?

# How do I get my content shared?

# Can my content attract the experts?

# What is the value proposition?

These questions can help marketers create great content every time.

In addition, using trigger words like ‘FREE’, ‘NEW’, ‘PROVEN’, ‘SECRET’ ‘MORE’ can give reader engagement an additional boost. Customers love to read these words.

These trigger words will immediately grab the attention of the readers. Also, these words can inspire the prospective leads to take an action.

Neil Patel says that correct use of words can transform your content, increase customer engagement and improve lead conversion.

3. Personalize the Content

Everyone is talking about the same thing. How do you make a difference? You make a difference by infusing your unique personality in your brand story or your content. Put your thoughts, discuss about it, link with realistic data and facts.

To build trust, you do not have to follow any rule book. You need to simply integrate your personality in your message. It can be simple.

Wistia is a video hosting company. In order to improve their product, they decided to do a survey. They wanted to build a connection with the target customers. They made a very attractive video with all the staff of the company. The initiative was very successful.

The company tried to infuse their culture in the survey video. The video was genuine and created huge customer engagement. Their target audience immediately identified their authenticity and loved the simplicity.

4. Learn Proven Techniques to Improve Blog Commenting

Would you like if no one cares about your content?

Neil Patel repeatedly reminds us to create engaging content for better online visibility. If you want to build audience and a great following around your brand, you have to learn to create content that engages the readers and inspires them to comment and spread words about it.

If you want more customer engagement for your content, then you have to learn techniques to make the content interactive. Also, there are few things that you can do to encourage post commenting.

5. Learn More About Social Media Engagement

Want to Create More Social Media Engagement? Social proof can help you well in this.

To increase customer engagement on social media, use your accomplishments or achievement. If you have been appreciated for your hard work on a project, or received a wonderful testimonial from your customer, share it on social media.

If you already have a decent following on social media, showcase it on your posts or website. It does not have to be a gigantic achievement always to celebrate with others.

Neil Patel also recommends that content that represents high emotional value can help you create inspiring customer engagement.

6. Amazing Idea of Developing Stimulating Content

Lots of valuable information in a content is not the only thing important. You need to make things little easy for the target audience.

Good formatting and use of rich media are two important things that you should include in your content. Try to use graphs, screenshots, charts and images in your posts.

After all, around 90 per cent information transmitted to the brain is pure visual.

7. Write content as you are crafting a story

The content should be very engaging from beginning to end. And why not? You can do that easily if you can connect each and every part of the content well.

People love to read content that feels realistic and more relevant to their life problem. So learn the enticing content writing strategies to create a winning customer engagement.

Also, Try to write data driven content.

You need to create high value and quality content consistently for the target audience. You can write posts, create ebook or publish your research. But if you have put a lot of hard work in your work, your content should show that.

Do you like this post? Do you want me to elaborate something mentioned here?

Would you like to share which of these content strategies you use for your content regularly?