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Add Ghost to a Post Shell For Blogging Success, Or AI Will Knock You Down

You might have to restructure your blogging success strategies after you read this blog post of mine. Why? A 2017 Wired article points out that an AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to create insightful and explanatory stories for the readers. Few things I got to know are –   AI can generate news articles faster and tap small to a large number of audience across various platforms.     These automated content generating softwares, otherwise known as content bots, are going through several stages of developments.     Every year they will advance and perform labor intensive writing...

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Why To Not Start Another Conventional B2B Marketing Blog? What Can You Do Instead?

  Another tips and tricks B2B marketing blog? Gosh! If I type “Social Media Marketing” in Google, I will get at least 30+ how-to, tips and growth hacks posts straight away.     Yes, I follow some of these blogs. And many of them I do not know or trust. But the B2B marketing blogs I know are credible sources. Besides them, it is hard for me to trust data and numbers coming from any other places. Please do not start another tips and tricks B2B Blog. Why? Here are the reasons……..   1. Enough of How-to B2B Marketing....

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