Add Ghost to a Post Shell For Blogging Success, Or AI Will Knock You Down

  You might have to restructure your blogging success strategies after you read this blog post of mine. Why? A 2017 Wired article points out that an AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to create insightful and explanatory stories for the readers. Few things I got to know are –   AI can generate news […]

How A Fashion Retailer Increased Sales Over Threefold By Tapping Into Consumers’ Emotional Motivators?

  This case study explains one simple fact – you can not grow a business without understanding and aligning the strategies with consumers’ emotional motivators. Why are the emotional motivators so important? They drive consumers’ purchase decision. Consumers’ emotional motivators can be –   An urge for attaining freedom An urge for attaining financial independence […]

How a Small Business Earned Consumer Trust and Built Loyal Business Fans With Content Marketing? [Success Story]

  Yesterday morning after having breakfast, I started checking Twitter.   And instantly I was super thrilled to read the first post coming from Content Marketing Institute. Although the post is about explaining content marketing to anyone, the content is super informative to me because of the nature of examples it provides.     It […]

Defining Brand Identity From Core Intentions. 2 Entrepreneurship Stories Detail The Process

  Despite Samsung’s overwhelming product innovations, brand loyal customers of Apple continue to buy its products worldwide. How do they make such powerful brand image in consumers’ heart and mind? Put those large enterprises aside. Many small business owners have built powerful brand identities that people adore and trust. How did they do it? I […]

Do You Need Marketing And Sales Funnel Strategies To Kickstart Product Sale From Your New Website?

  Sales funnel? Yes, I hear a lot about it. I thought I should explore the funnel concept from scratch. I intend to explore its efficiency. I got to know that a funnel can help you generate and convert sales leads through a systematic and step by step approach. hmm…… How? This blog post summarizes few of […]

What Happened When These Marketers Added LinkedIn Publishing Platform In Their Content Marketing Strategy [Case Study + Success Story]

  This time LinkedIn publishing became my subject of analysis.   I am tempted to know if I can promote my business on LinkedIn cost effective ways. Let’s say; I do not wish to spend money on a LinkedIn ad at this moment.   So, what LinkedIn can do for my business in that case? […]

Why to Shift Focus On Consumers, Product and Competition Instead of Worrying About Traffic, Email List Or Sales

  5 Factors that can favorably or unfavorably influence the stability and profitability of your new online business in 2017 are your target audience, product value, social media platform’s excellent usability, competition, a good understanding of evolving internet marketing strategies and their correct execution. If you ignore them, you’re doomed. Why? Let’ see why.   […]