Author: Silki Guha

Follow These 4 Important Steps When Creating Engaging Content in 2017: This Strategic Approach Will Amplify Content Popularity

B2B Enterprise Content Marketing report from Content Marketing Institute reveals that 50 – 60 percent marketers found creating engaging content very challenging in 2016. For latest updates on content marketing industry, download their 2017 report here. This article talks about a four steps approach that will ease the process of producing engaging content for your audience and amplify the results. Information provided here has supportive industry insights, stats, and videos. Let’s start. What Does Engaging Content Mean?   Industry leaders have different perspectives on this. For example, Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science believes that an engaging piece of content...

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6 Facebook Live Streaming Facts You Must Acknowledge Before Using It For Business

Mark Zuckerberg officially launched Live Stream On April 6th, 2016. The Facebook feature lets users share live videos with anyone, anytime. So celebrities, publishing companies, athletes, and astronauts from different parts of the world are using this app to broadcast live videos to their fans, followers, and viewers. It works for them. But, will it work for you? Let’s find out. The Idea of Live Streaming According to Mark Zuckerberg, the idea is to help Facebook users create and share more personalized, authentic, raw and interactive videos with a community and audience. Watch Zuckerberg’s Live Video to know how Live Stream can help billions of Facebook users worldwide.. Live videos are excellent. However, it is especially beneficial for millions of creative professionals, artists, musicians, comedians, dancers, performers and brands who have amazing creations, shows and stories to share with their audience. Thousands of brands and marketers are trying Live Videos every month. How Companies Are Using Live Videos?  Social bakers did an experiment to find out how brands and other companies are using live videos. Here are some facts. Source: Company Facebook pages now post six times more live videos than before. Media publishers are posting live videos 18 times more than the top companies.    Tastemade is a digital food and travel publisher. Increasing the number of live video posts was also part of their brand awareness plan. For example,...

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Using Facebook Live Videos For a Business

Perhaps, Facebook got it clear that videos are going to be one of the most engaging types of content on social media. So they quickly found out a way to use the opportunity and launched Facebook Live. Stats & Facts: Picture Shows The Widespread Use of Videos Online Source: What is Facebook Live? This Facebook new launch allows users broadcast to their followers, friends and families in real-time. Yes, you can use this feature if you have a smartphone or tablet. This feature is not available for desktops yet. That’s a shame! So when you go live using...

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Neuromarketing A – Z For Entrepreneurs

What is Neuromarketing? Big brands are incorporating neuromarketing principles into their marketing strategy. Why? Experts say, when you understand neuromarketing, you get an excellent clarity of how an effective engagement strategy should be. Digital advertising spendings have increased year on year. According to Statista  the amount invested in digital advertising was $148.66 in 2015. The figure is expected to rise to $191.85 in 2017. But despite the hike, all companies do not have rocking sales results. Why? Information overload is making consumers confused, not convinced. If you’re an entrepreneur, a marketing consultant, a business strategist, or a business student,...

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How to Increase Reader Engagement and Get Amazing Response On a Blog Post

Today I learned excellent reader engagement methodologies that can help to build trust and connect with the readers. So I thought I should share with you. If you are working hard to write high quality content for the target audience just to know that it is doing no good, this post can provide some helpful insights. Earlier I wrote about Neil Patel’s content strategy for customer engagement The post is all about using effective methods to emotionally engage the readers and encourage blog commenting. How do you know a blog post is doing good? Obviously, when people read it,...

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