Author: Silki Guha

How to Increase Reader Engagement and Get Amazing Response On a Blog Post

Today I learned excellent reader engagement methodologies that can help to build trust and connect with the readers. So I thought I should share with you. If you are working hard to write high quality content for the target audience just to know that it is doing no good, this post can provide some helpful insights. Earlier I wrote about Neil Patel’s content strategy for customer engagement The post is all about using effective methods to emotionally engage the readers and encourage blog commenting. How do you know a blog post is doing good? Obviously, when people read it,...

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Neil Patel Suggests 7 Proven Content Strategy for Customer Engagement

He inspires us with intrepid challenges, like making $332, 640 in less than 4 months from social media.. Then he fearlessly wins. One of the few names in the digital marketing sphere that I will never dare to forget is ‘Neil Patel’. This article represents his 7 proven content strategies that can dramatically increase your customer engagement. Neil Patel’s consistent success with content marketing and social accomplishments always amaze me. In addition, I believe he is an outstanding educationist. Pick any of his content and see the hard work he puts into it. So we will discuss what 7...

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