Author: Silki Guha

Do You Need Marketing And Sales Funnel Strategies To Kickstart Product Sale From Your New Website?

  Sales funnel? Yes, I hear a lot about it. I thought I should explore the funnel concept from scratch. I intend to explore its efficiency. I got to know that a funnel can help you generate and convert sales leads through a systematic and step by step approach. hmm…… How? This blog post summarizes few of my findings.   It’s true that to sell a digital product from your new website; you need a well-structured process. The volume of traffic coming to your site has nothing to do with improving the number of sales. It’s the quality of traffic that matters....

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What Happened When These Marketers Added LinkedIn Publishing Platform In Their Content Marketing Strategy [Case Study + Success Story]

  This time LinkedIn publishing became my subject of analysis.   I am tempted to know if I can promote my business on LinkedIn cost effective ways. Let’s say; I do not wish to spend money on a LinkedIn ad at this moment.   So, what LinkedIn can do for my business in that case?   I read latest statistics and updates that indicate LinkedIn now has half a billion users.     Source: The Power of LinkedIn’s 500 Million Member Community   Two other sources published stats on LinkedIn’s steady user base growth over the years.    ...

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Why to Shift Focus On Consumers, Product and Competition Instead of Worrying About Traffic, Email List Or Sales

  5 Factors that can favorably or unfavorably influence the stability and profitability of your new online business in 2017 are your target audience, product value, social media platform’s excellent usability, competition, a good understanding of evolving internet marketing strategies and their correct execution. If you ignore them, you’re doomed. Why? Let’ see why.   Abstract   This content rationally explains why you shouldn’t dare ignore these five factors if you’re starting or running an online business in 2017.   You’ll find case studies, statistics from market research and consulting groups like KPMG and Accenture. The content will help you...

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The New Era of Blogging: What I Think When They Say You Don’t Need a Blog Anymore

  You can call me a critique, but I like to question the prospects of different online communication and marketing tools. That is because I love to evaluate their pros and cons. So when they showered me with endless advises and thoughts around why I should not blog or start a blog in 2017, I decided to do some research. I tried to follow the world’s greatest and most successful bloggers, content marketers and listen to what they have to say. This blog post represents key findings, incredible examples, and recommendations from some of the great minds. Four key...

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Follow These 4 Important Steps When Creating Engaging Content in 2017: This Strategic Approach Will Amplify Content Popularity

B2B Enterprise Content Marketing report from Content Marketing Institute reveals that 50 – 60 percent marketers found creating engaging content very challenging in 2016. For latest updates on content marketing industry, download their 2017 report here. This article talks about a four steps approach that will ease the process of producing engaging content for your audience and amplify the results. Information provided here has supportive industry insights, stats, and videos. Let’s start. What Does Engaging Content Mean?   Industry leaders have different perspectives on this. For example, Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science believes that an engaging piece of content...

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