Author: Silki Guha

Day 6th [ October 8, 2017 ] of 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

You must be thinking where did the three days, (3rd, 4th, and 5th) disappear. The truth is I forgot to keep track and take photos of all of my activities during these initial days. Friday and Saturday were utterly off-track. I did overeat a lot on Friday. Forgot to note everything down.   So I started everything the right way from day 6th of my weight loss challenge. Today I wrote everything down on paper. It has my plans for the day. My to-do list, the things I did right and where did I fail. Started Day With Exercise I started my day at 6 am. I woke up, got fresh and did Kapalbhati. Then I went to our building gym for regular workouts. I was happy that I could shift my workout schedule from evening to morning. I did that, so I didn’t have to cancel my workout routine due to the unplanned stuff of the night. From today onward I will try to do my workouts in the morning. So after finishing my workout, I took a quick bath and then got busy with breakfast and lunch preparation. Breakfast and Lunch I started working after having my breakfast. For work, I follow a specific technique. I work for 45 minutes and then take a break for 10 – 15 minutes. This method is called Pomodoro technique and...

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Day 2 [ 4th October 2017 ] of 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Today I could capture some more images of my activities. I was still not very organized today. I need to plan my days more accurately.   Morning Rituals   After waking up in the morning, the first thing I do is squeeze lemon in one glass of warm water and drink. This is one of my morning rituals I follow without fail. Today I started with a morning walk with pammy. She was happy to smell the grass of early morning. 🙂 I was pleased to feel the morning light on my face and skin.   Forgot to tell...

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Day 1 [ 3rd October 2017 ] of 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

As this was my first day of weight loss challenge, I was concerned about how to plan out everything. Felt a bit overwhelmed. I took photographs of all of my meals though. Planned Meals in Advance Last night, 2nd October, I planned my breakfast and lunch for next day. I quickly got two recipes from Youtube. I had fresh dosa batter in refrigerator. So I cooked Sambar to accompany plain dosa. Then I made a potato filling for Sandwich. And most of my meals for next day was done. Breakfast and Lunch So today, 3rd October morning, I made...

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Does Your Organic Food Store Ensure Your Health Is Safe From Pesticide Nuisance?

I’m eating organic. That means, I’m eating pure and original food. Wish I could eat forest grown natural food like him. But as I can’t, I will have to buy organic foods from local supermarkets or organic stores. How Safe and Healthy Are Those Organic Foods? I read an NDTV article. It describes how ideal organic farming practices should be.     I got to know that….. Farmers of organic food are supposed to improve fertility and quality of soil without using fertilizers. Animal wastes should be used to increase natural nutrients in the agricultural soil. Instead of harsh...

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How a Food Retailer and a Lifestyle Company Surpassed Their Strongest Rivals With Incredible Business Positioning Strategy?

  A nationally recognized fashion retailer failed to grow sales for five years because they could not anticipate customer expectations accurately.   Think what can happen to a market entrant if it makes similar mistake.   Let’s say you want to sell a weight loss product. Internet-savvy consumers have plenty of options to choose. Why would they buy from you?   To find the best answer to this, you’ve to change your selling mindset.   Consumers will buy from you if you sell them scope for transformation instead of selling a weight loss product. I learn two business lessons...

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