Welcome to BuyersPsychologist.

I started this website in August 2016. However, I managed to give it all my time and hard work starting this year, 2017.


 Who Am I?


I am Silki Guha. Founder and Chief Blogger at BuyersPsychologist. 


I would like to introduce myself as a student. Why? That’s because I am always learning from my career experiences, my mistakes and wins.


I always look for improvements. I like to study to improve my knowledge. But more than that, I believe in execution of knowledge.

I live with my husband and unbelievably sweet Pammy.


This is Pammy. 

Pammy is the reason I can ignore all bitter moments and laugh out loud during the most difficult days.






She has an unbelievable cheerful spirit and energy. This gorgeous lady is always so happy.



As for my hobby, travelling tops my priority. I also love photography. But I have no interest in writing about travelling.


My passion is in market research, consumer behavior, neuromarketing, digital marketing evolution, audience engagement marketing and strategies.


Before working full time for my blog, I was an Upwork qualified Top article writer. I used to work on business projects. That was the time when I discovered my passion for a niche that you will find here on my website.


What You Will Get From My Website – BuyersPsychologist?


If you ever thought of having access to an impartial information and knowledge source that could provide critical analysis of digital marketing, inbound marketing strategies, tools and their impact on consumer behavior, you’re in the right place.


I will be providing reports, case studies, blog posts, ebooks on current digital marketing culture and their impact on consumer behavior, feasibility of  engagement marketing strategies and best practices.


I will publish 1 – 4 blog posts per month. Not sure if I can publish more, as my blog posts will be extremely analytical and thorough. They will need a lot of hard work and time.


All my blog posts will be analytical by nature. I hope to make the posts as helpful as possible for you.


Besides Twitter, you can also connect to me on Facebook. Subscribe to my blog to get first update on weekly blog posts, upcoming freebies and many more learning materials.


Stay connected and have a great day.