Result: Lost 800 grams


After Day 6th (October 8, 2017), I decided to combine and publish the next four days activities and weight loss results.

So in this post, I’ve put together and provided the details of my meals, exercises, new lifestyle habits and activities of four days (Day 7th, 8th and 9th of weight loss challenge). For my convenience, I decided to note down my daily targets, success and mistakes of each day. That way I will know what I did right and where did I fail.

How Do I Plan My Days?

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This is how I keep track of day to day essential tasks. I am also trying to record my exercises and activities each day.

I am doing this so I can complete the essential daily tasks without fail.


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I don’t prepare any particular food for weight loss. I just have simple day to day home cooked meals with fresh ingredients and less oil. But I’m having good amount of ghee (clarified butter). Most of the times I add ghee to my breakfast recipes.

I try not to overeat at night. Although I eat the same regular recipes for dinner, I reduce the overall quantity of food.


I am exercising 5 to 6 days a week. I love cardio. So I walk and jog 4 to 8 km every day.

I do not do any intense weight training, as I am not under the supervision of a trainer. Unsupervised wrong movement can cause more harm than good. So I usually do push-ups and various types of squats.

I’ve not been able to manage my overeating habit at night entirely. But I have improved. Wish to improve coming days.

Ok, see you soon with new updates and my new stories. Wish me luck! 🙂