You must be thinking where did the three days, (3rd, 4th, and 5th) disappear. The truth is I forgot to keep track and take photos of all of my activities during these initial days. Friday and Saturday were utterly off-track. I did overeat a lot on Friday. Forgot to note everything down.


So I started everything the right way from day 6th of my weight loss challenge. Today I wrote everything down on paper. It has my plans for the day. My to-do list, the things I did right and where did I fail.

Started Day With Exercise

I started my day at 6 am. I woke up, got fresh and did Kapalbhati. Then I went to our building gym for regular workouts. I was happy that I could shift my workout schedule from evening to morning.

I did that, so I didn’t have to cancel my workout routine due to the unplanned stuff of the night. From today onward I will try to do my workouts in the morning.

So after finishing my workout, I took a quick bath and then got busy with breakfast and lunch preparation.

Breakfast and Lunch

I started working after having my breakfast.

For work, I follow a specific technique. I work for 45 minutes and then take a break for 10 – 15 minutes. This method is called Pomodoro technique and very useful for productivity and concentration. Today onward I have decided to write that down on paper to see if I am doing it right. I often forget to put an alarm. I forget to take breaks and work 2 hours at a stretch. So if I write that down on paper, it will help me understand what exactly I’m doing wrong. That way I can also reduce wastage of time.

However, you can see from the image; I didn’t follow the technique right. But I will improve.


Night was a little crazy. I didn’t cook anything. We had mix veg kulcha from Kulcha King. Yes, a bit unhealthy. But I didn’t overeat. So I was happy about that.

My 6th day was usual. After completing my 7th day of 90 days weight loss challenge, I will measure my weight on a scale on October 10, 2017. Let’s see what happens.

See you again.