Today I could capture some more images of my activities. I was still not very organized today. I need to plan my days more accurately.


Morning Rituals


After waking up in the morning, the first thing I do is squeeze lemon in one glass of warm water and drink. This is one of my morning rituals I follow without fail.

Today I started with a morning walk with pammy. She was happy to smell the grass of early morning. 🙂 I was pleased to feel the morning light on my face and skin.


Forgot to tell you that today my husband had to travel out of Dubai. So he left early morning around 5 to catch his flight.


Today my breakfast was simple, as usual. I made vermicelli upma. Some of it I ate, and a portion I kept aside. I now eat being mindful. Don’t want to end up overeating.



After my breakfast, I started working. And I kept on working until I felt hungry. So then I had my lunch. I didn’t cook anything for lunch today as I was alone. So I ate the remaining portion of the vermicelli upma.



After an hour or so, I had green tea. I love it. It gives me energy and takes care of my digestion.



In the evening I did my regular workouts. I walk and jog on the treadmill.




And my day ended with some light dinner.