As this was my first day of weight loss challenge, I was concerned about how to plan out everything. Felt a bit overwhelmed.

I took photographs of all of my meals though.

Planned Meals in Advance

Last night, 2nd October, I planned my breakfast and lunch for next day.

I quickly got two recipes from Youtube.

I had fresh dosa batter in refrigerator. So I cooked Sambar to accompany plain dosa.

Then I made a potato filling for Sandwich. And most of my meals for next day was done.

Breakfast and Lunch

So today, 3rd October morning, I made Sandwiches and plain dosa before my husband leaves for office.

He opted to have dosa sambar for breakfast. And he took few sandwiches for lunch.

I preferred to do the opposite.

I had sandwiches for breakfast because they were looking delicious. I had Dosa Sambar in lunch.



For us, dinner is always small and light.

So I made fresh peas and potato curry. We had wheat chapatti along with the curry.

I had a moderate exercise in the morning before breakfast. I forgot to take pictures. Plan to do that tomorrow.

Also, need to tell you that my current weight after exercise is showing 81.6 kg. I will be able to understand the impact of my current lifestyle and food habit starting tomorrow.

I plan to take pictures of my weight regularly. So see you tomorrow with my updates.